NFT Holders Discount Terms and conditions

NFT Holders from MY NFT collections will get 30% discount on all the products. Discounts will be changed each time without any notice. You Must provide proof of ownership of NFTs you are holding. For example Blockchain ID, your name and your address. You have to provide your IDs with the same name and address you are placing the Order. You can't order with different name and address. Once you show that you are an NFT owner we will provide the 30% discount code to you which you can use at checkout. You should contact us before Placing the order at least 24hrs before so we verify your information and after that we will provide discount code and there will be limited time setup for you and one time use only each time. All this security and strict setup is to prevent Future Fraud and misuse of the service. Hope you will understand. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at